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The Makers Club is a go-at-your-own-pace online resource that helps stained glass hobbyists explore skills and techniques to take their hobby to a whole new level.

Online Training

With access to the articles, projects and training videos, you can re-read what you want, as well as pause and replay videos on demand.

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Unlike studio courses, you can learn on your own schedule and progress at your own speed. Plus, you still get an instructor and a community.

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There's nothing worse than feeling stuck and having no one to turn to for advice. Gain access to an experienced instructor.

Add-On Courses

Really need to focus on the basic skills including glass cutting, stained glass soldering or basic 3d? You can add courses to your training mix.



JUNE 1ST, 2020

Time is running out to enroll for the current Gold & Silver memberships!



Stained Glass Hobbyists

Your creative time should be enjoyable and refreshing,

not frustrating and draining.

Creating stained glass art is unlike other artistic mediums. You and I, we get the opportunity to create with light!


Through the use of colour, transparency and texture in glass, we can make artwork that isn't stagnant. It changes throughout the day as it almost lives and breathes the changes in sunlight. 


As craftsmen, we design windows and other fun creations that fit together like puzzles. Each piece a building block to the imagery we want to create.


There are many aspects to learn with this art form which creates just as many areas in which one can struggle. Cutting glass, fitting all the pieces together, structure & reinforcement, soldering, creating designs and so many more. It can feel overwhelming when you're going it alone.


What if you could understand all the little nuances to perfecting your skills? That's what proper training is meant to do.


I'll show you exactly how to finesse your skills through projects and courses to help you truly enjoy the creative time you have to spend on your craft.

I'm Samantha

I pushed myself years ago to master the fundamentals of stained glass techniques. And since then, I've  gone on to learn traditional glass painting, and glass fusing as well as many other aspects of art and business.


My students often tell me that my stained glass demonstrations make things look easy, and you should know that with the right understanding and focus on skills, you can learn them too.


I started teaching stained glass shortly after my studio first opened in 2007. It was at this time that I fell in love with sharing my skills and watching others light up as they discovered exactly how to make things work for them.


Fast forward to 2017 and that's when I started offering online training through my Glass Cutting Made Easy course. The trainings I offer have been continuously growing since then with participants from all around the world!


My life's work is to help and inspire others through creativity and I would love for you to join me!


3 Ways To Work Together!

See how easy it is to learn stained glass online.

Quick Tips To Soldering


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This morning I woke up before dawn so excited to read about your techniques & put them to practice. I improved immeasurably.  I can’t believe how much comfortable I was with cutting my pieces. I spent probably 10% of the time that I normally spend on the grinder! Thank you so much. I’m very excited about improving my craft.

Julie L.

Gold Skills Club Member

I have been exploring and watching some of the videos. Things are starting to click better. I’ve had a few aha moments. I especially enjoyed watching the 3-d video of the cactus. I have been wanting to do one but wasn’t sure how to piece together! Your video helped a lot!



Cathy A.

Gold Skills Club Member

I have watched all the tutorials and made myself a reference book. I have learnt such a lot from you. I did not know anything about how solder flowed or how to take it off or add more.  I'm loving the course and looking forward to the next live workshop.


Sandra S.

Gold Skills Club Member


The stained glass Makers Club was founded by Samantha Calder of Living Sun Glass. It is an online training space for stained glass  hobbyists around the world.

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