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The Makers Club is a go-at-your-own-pace online resource that helps stained glass hobbyists explore skills and techniques to take their hobby to a whole new level.

Online Training

With access to the articles, projects and training videos, you can re-read what you want, as well as pause and replay videos on demand.

 Your Schedule

Unlike studio courses, you can learn on your own schedule and progress at your own speed. Plus, you still get an instructor and a community.

 Get Support

There's nothing worse than feeling stuck and having no one to turn to for advice. Gain access to an experienced instructor.

Add-On Courses

Really need to focus on the basic skills including glass cutting, stained glass soldering or basic 3d? You can add courses to your training mix.




    Step-by-step project instructions walk you through your projects easily.


    Get your questions answered in real time during the Live Workshops or at other times with the forum or by email.


    Learn new techniques and get excited about your craft through fun and inspiring projects.


    Ready-to-print patterns with helpful tips for colour selections and anything else special or unique about the designs.


    Be part of a community of like minded makers who are there to support each other while growing as artists themselves.

All Members

Get Access to...


Project Library

This section of the site is where you'll find a whole bunch of fun stained glass projects to make!




The patterns areas contains 4 sub-categories to make it easier to find patterns you'd like to use: beginner friendly, suncatchers, panels and seasonal holidays.


Each pattern inside the library can be downloaded and printed on your home printer.

Below is a sampling of patterns in the pattern library.


The stained glass tutorials area contains small projects that teach transferable skills such as foil overlay, adding metal filigrees to projects,  reinforcement, how to assemble free standing projects, making dimensional pieces that appear puffed and more.


Some of these tutorials are PDF files with step-by-step instructions and photos while others are created as step-by-step video tutorials. Every project comes with the appropriate pattern file for you to use.


Look at the following photos to see some of the tutorials you'll find inside.

Past Workshops

Watch past live workshops where a new topic was covered or project was created.


See a small assortment of some of the past live workshops hosted exclusively for Club Members.


Training Portal

This section of the site is home to all of the general training information sorted by topic. It is meant to be an easy to use reference on the topics you may have questions about.

(Full-length skills courses are sold separately.)


Most of this information will be helpful to recent stained glass beginners, struggling hobbyists or those who are re-entering the craft after a lengthy break. Intermediate level hobbyists will likely be more interested in such topics as "Getting Started with Craft Shows" and the "Inside out series" which can also be found inside the training portal.


The stained glass training portal will include private member-only training as well as links to other training that have been released on Youtube and on my main website at Making everything available at your fingertips is part of the benefit of accessing this portal.

  • Shaping Glass

    Basic cutting, tools, glass grinding and fitting stained glass all fit into this category.

  • Metal Work

    Foil work, soldering and reinforcements are topics that are covered in this section of the portal.

  • Getting Started

    Deciding on which tools to use and setting up your workspace are two factors to your success and continued enjoyment.

  • Inside Out Series

    Watch over my shoulder as I work on my own projects and speak all my thoughts aloud. Helping you learn to see some of the key areas you may be overlooking.


Live Workshops

Every month there is a live workshop hosted for members!


During these live stained glass workshops, we create a new project or learn about a skill or technique. You can watch and ask your questions, interact live with the instructor and chat with other members in the comments area.


Members will have access to the recording of the live sessions. So if you can't make it to the live one, it will still be available to watch later.


Also, members can submit questions ahead of time for me to answer during the live session AND they get to have input and offer suggestions for upcoming projects!



Community Forum

Members have access to a community forum!


The Makers Club Community Forum is a place to ask your questions, get feedback, share ideas and get to know other like minded stained glass makers. You can share photos to show what you need help with or just to share your most recent work.


My name is Samantha Calder and I'm a stained glass artist and instructor. I love to create stained glass and fused glass art incorporating different techniques making my work different and distinct.


Since I was a child, I have always been artistic and creative. I thought my passion for playing and teaching music would have taken me through my adult life, but an injury while at University changed my path. It brought me back to the visual arts.


I was 26 when my husband and I decided to try stained glass on our own, in our spare time. I've since gone on to learn traditional glass painting, and glass fusing as well as pursue many varied techniques in the stained glass realm.


My work has been shown in shops, galleries and government buildings in Ontario and Quebec, Canada with customers in more than 12 countries around the globe.


I've been teaching in my home studio since 2008. And now I'm passionate about helping others to learn stained glass online!

Who is the Makers Club for?

If you want to learn how to master the basic skills of the craft to feel confident, be able to make projects that are of good quality, and make things easier while eliminating the larger struggles, the Make Stained Glass Club is for you.


Our ideal members usually fall into one of these categories:

Recent Beginners

Struggling Hobbyists

Re-entry Into the Craft


 Both Silver and Gold memberships receive access to the same content, however, the Gold plan gets access to everything all at once. If you opt for the Silver membership, you will receive access to a smaller amount of content at the beginning with newly accessible content available over time.


Trainings delivered over time


What you get:

• Member-only forum Access

• Training Portal Access

• Time released projects in the Project Library

• Monthly Live Workshops

$10 (CAD) /mo

Upgrade to Gold plan and get 2 months free


Immediate access to trainings


What you get:

• Member-only forum Access

• Training Portal Access

Full access to the Project Library

• Monthly Live Workshops

$99 (CAD) /year

SAVE 20% off the Silver plan pricing and get full access now.



  • Glass Cutting Made Easy

    Learn to cut glass confidently. Get the perfect break the first time, every time.

  • Soldering 101

    Master the hidden secrets you need to take your copper foil soldering to a whole new level.

  • 3D: The Basics

    Step-by-step training for a variety of basic projects aimed at newbies to 3D stained glass.


Silver + Skills

Silver Membership AND 3 Skills Courses


$116 (CAD) initial payment

for your silver membership and access to all 3 skills courses.

Then $10 (CAD) / month to maintain your silver membership



Save over 25% by purchasing these courses as a bundle with a silver membership

What you get:

• Silver Membership

• Glass Cutting Made Easy

• Soldering 101

 • 3D Basics

Gold + Skills

Gold Membership AND 3 Skills Courses


$169 (CAD) for 1 year gold membership and access to all 3 skills courses.

Then $99 (CAD) / year to maintain your gold membership



Save over 35% by purchasing these courses as a bundle with a gold membership

What you get:

• Gold Membership

• Glass Cutting Made Easy

• Soldering 101

 • 3D Basics

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​Not sure if Make Stained Glass is right for you? Still have some questions?​ Let's see if I can answer them here for you...

Is the Makers Club a good fit for all skill levels ?

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Is all of the training material available right away?

What if I can't make it to the live workshops as they're being hosted?

How do I access all of the Makers Club content?

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What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

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The stained glass Makers Club was founded by Samantha Calder of Living Sun Glass. It is an online training space for stained glass  hobbyists around the world.

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